Spencer Aerospace Manufacturing is an industry leader in high-precision hydraulic fluid fittings.



# 10012743 AS0016A

We are an engineer-driven organization specializing in source-controlled standard and custom fittings.

We manufacture SHAPE and STRAIGHT hydraulic fittings including STANDARDS, CUSTOMER-DEFINED parts, and SPECIALS, in a range of materials including
Aluminum, Inconel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium.

Engineering Capabilities
Engineering Capabilities
Manufacturing Capabilities
Manufacturing Capabilities
Quality Credentials
Quality Credentials
Spencer Aerospace Manufacturing

Spencer Aerospace Manufacturing is an engineer-driven organization focused on high-pressure hydraulic fluid fittings for use in commercial and military aerospace applications. We specialize in source-controlled, standard, and proprietary fittings. Spencer Aerospace also identifies solutions for fluid conveyance challenges related to fitting applications.  Our engineering capabilities include conceptual design assistance, modeling, testing and qualification.  Our senior engineering professionals are active members of the SAE G3 Fluid Fitting committee and are recognized industry-wide for their expertise.

We strictly adhere to world-class manufacturing techniques.  State-of-the-art machine tools are enhanced with standardized quick-change tooling that enables Spencer Aerospace to offer small lot production without exorbitant minimum charges.

Unlike most manufacturing organizations that inspect production lots after completion, Spencer Aerospace incorporates in-process inspection and statistical process control into the manufacturing process.  This practice minimizes dimensional variation during manufacturing, which enhances our fittings’ installation and system compatibility.

We are a domestic, in-house, on-site manufacturing company with over 300+ aggregate years of manufacturing, engineering and quality experience.

Whether you are seeking standard or proprietary fittings, we are eager to demonstrate how our industry-leading practices set Spencer Aerospace apart from the competition.